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Love is on the Way™ His & Hers Couple Pillowcase Set

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"You've been waiting for so long for me to come and play. My motor is revved and my heart is ready to finally go your way. I've saved my very best for you and so I'm here to stay. I'm sending my special delivery to you- your Love is on the Way."

This set of his and hers matching couple pillowcases portray this sweet sentiment in a way you both can share.



Love a Lot His & Hers Pillowcases
Can't think of a gift for your loved one? Our "Love a Lot Plus" his & hers pillowcases are the perfect gifts for anniversary, Valentine's, birthday, or any occasion in your mind! These couple pillowcases are as special and exclusive as they are! If you want to say I love you in a whole new way, say it with our "Love A Lot Plus" couple pillowcases!