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Together in Love™ Couple Gift Set II

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Blowing kisses, holding hands, gentle smiles that say I love you … these are the tender moments of your great romance! This whimsical gift set is ideal when you want to show how much your darling blows you away! It's a great way to illustrate that together is your favorite place to be because they are the most desirable one around! Gift with love! Surprise someone special with a set of heart-melted gifts for couples.

Put a smile on your beloved's face. Included with every gift set is BoldLoft's amazing unboxing experience. Feeling loved as soon as your loved ones unbox your gifts as our gift sets are packed in a gift-giving ready gift box with our signature graphics. An unboxing experience that truly delights!




Boy Meets Girls Couple GiftsBoldLoft's signature series, Boy Meets Girl, featuring heartwarming images of perfect pairs, brings the complex joy of everyday love to life. Selections include couple pillowcases, body pillow cases, t-shirts, and his and hers coffee mugs. Boy Meets Girl gifts are perfect for occasions like wedding, anniversary, and Valentine's Day. Whether you are miles apart or living together, Boy Meets Girl gifts show that special someone how much you care about being a pair.