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We are Connected™ Couple Pillowcase Set

US$ 29.99 US$ 35.99

Your love is like HOTSPOT 📡
With a high signal 💓
And my heart is like WIFI 📲
Which catches your signal 💞
~Shivjee Pratap Lal

When your love is on the line, let them know We are Connected with our charming pillowcase set. Adorned with the truly romantic gesture of offering up one’s heart, this gift will leave no doubt in your loved one’s mind, or in their heart, that they have captured your heart and are free to reel in your love!



Boy Meets Girls Couple GiftsBoldLoft's signature series, Boy Meets Girl, featuring heartwarming images of perfect pairs, brings the complex joy of everyday love to life. Selections include couple pillowcases, body pillow cases, t-shirts, and his and hers coffee mugs. Boy Meets Girl gifts are perfect for occasions like wedding, anniversary, and Valentine's Day. Whether you are miles apart or living together, Boy Meets Girl gifts show that special someone how much you care about being a pair.